Choosing a carpet has never been easier, when you have the wide selection and attentive customer service from Melrose Carpet representatives. Our staff are well informed on their product and can assist you in meeting your flooring requirements at discount prices. Design, color and traffic are important factors to consider in the decision to carpet a house, apt, office. We also carry a large selection of outdoor carpets.

Carpet functions to insulate an otherwise chilly, bare floor.

Carpet softens ones footsteps, by absorbing ten times more airborne noise than any other flooring material.

Carpets add aesthetics and atmosphere to a room as well as protecting the hardboards from furniture damage and marks.

Carpets are easy to maintain when one compares how easily dirt and dust adheres to slick flooring. Hardwood floors, tiles and linoleum all require frequent sweeping and mopping. Carpets take some of the maintenance out of "maintaining" ones floors. A quick vacuum coupled with the carpet's own stain resistant technology, enables a less painful clean up process.

The carpet with a patterned effect is a good choice for dealing with high traffic areas. The pattern camouflages the footprints that would otherwise be in plain view. DuPont's STAINMASTER, Wear-dated, ANSO, advanced Teflon Repel System has been engineered specifically for the purpose of preventing dirt buildup and spills- another great choice being both traffic and family friendly.

Family and Children:
You love your family and rather than go ballistic over a spilt juice or muddy footprints, protect your sanity and your floors with Berber Carpeting. Berber is the most practical of carpets and the easiest to maintain. Berber Carpet is a loop-pile carpet tufted with thick yarn, such as wool, nylon or olefin. Berber gives a full, comfortable feel while maintaining an informal, casual environment.


• Shaw Industries
• Expressive Designs
• Stanton
• Helios
• Design Material
• Custom Weave
• Sutton
• Karastan
• Beaulieu
• Bloomsburg Carpet
• Royal Dutch
• Glen Eden
• Avalan
• Du Pon
• Tuftex
• Masland
• Van Dijk
• Atlas
• Bretlin (Outdoor)
• Catalina
• Queen Carpet
• Royalty
• Fabrica International
• Cabin Craft
• Durkan
• Freedom (Outdoor)
• Camelot
• Anso Nylon
• Wunda Weave
• World
• Gulistan
• Design Weave
• Valley Western Dist.
• Bennytex
• Wear-Dated

Other considerations in choosing a carpet are:

• Stain Resistance
• Warranty
• Durability
• Density
• Commercial Use≠
• Residential Use
• Pile Height
• Padding
• Installation


We provide carpet rentals for motion picture studios, any size party functions (Academy Awards, wedding, Bar Mitzvahs, Graduation's., etc..) We custom make red runners and a very large selection of carpet rentals.

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