Linoleum, Laminate and Vinyl Floors

Pergo-Swedish made and guaranteed for 15 years against stain, wear, and fading.

Congoleum vinyl floors can withstand spills, splashes and muddy shoe prints from sunrise to sunset.
The daily routine of a family's ins and outs, does not take from its durability and long lasting appeal.

They make the laminate and the floor, which is unique to Wilsenart Flooring, manufacturers of Pickering laminate floors. The Pickering laminate floor has made quite an impression on their customers with over 94% stating that they would purchase this product again. We have it here at Melrose, so come check it out.

If you are putting a lot of elbow grease into your mopping, diligently focusing on the scuffs made by rubber soles, you were not aware of the newest in vinyl flooring technology. Scuff-Tuff Urethane Wearlayer is available for purchase at Melrose Carpets.

• Superior resistance to scuffing
• No-wax, high-gloss finish
• 6 and 12-foot widths for almost seamless installation
• Featuring Naturelle with a low gloss, satin finish
• Naturelle features a wearlayer with Silicone for optimum gloss retention and superior stain resistance.
• Featuring Gold, Silver and Bronze floors
• Vinyl flooring for easy maintenance
• Vinyl flooring that is indisputably durable.

Choose from any number of name brands, colors and prices to fit any budget. Melrose sources out the best deals so that our customers benefit from the savings.

• Pickering Flooring
• Armstrong
• Tarkett
• Domco
• Congoleum
• Mannington
• Traffic Zone
• Pergo

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