Bathrooms and kitchens are ordinarily floored with tiling or linoleum due to the traffic and the frequent occurrence of spills and potential water damage. Tiling is also a favorite used out by the pool or patio as well as the entryway to ones home. Perhaps the floor you have now is grotty, sticky or just plain dull. Maybe you were stuck with whatever the previous owner of your home felt was "practical" or "cost effective" at the time. Whatever your reason behind your renovation, Melrose Carpets have a wide selection of concrete tile available in various shades and colors to suit your needs.

• Polished marble look.
• Rustic, handcrafted look.
• Floral and geometric patterns.
• Decorative accents.

We carry:
Toli, Mando, Natural Cork and Cork Flooring, Nora Rubber Flooring, Lonseal Antico, Mannington and Tarkett.

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